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  • OC Series

    Inspired by our collection of world’s reputational landmarks, we launched Cityscape series which concentrates key elements of the world’s famous cities into one single puzzle set, also contains extra feature as a wobbling coin bank. Based on abstract but adorable designing language, Cityscape is a perfect decorative item adding up mood to your room, moreover, an absolute fascinating novelty as presents and gifts.
  • OC LED Series

    Cityscape puzzle now comes with LED lighting accessories, see the glamorous lights glittering in the city!
  • W Series

    Feel like travelling around the world without stepping out of your house? CubicFun’s W series gives you a chance to explore various countries and cultures. These exquisite and exotic items reflect life of local residents: houses, shops, market stalls, which form up images of different lifestyles. Designed in relatively flat and small sizes, W series is also a perfect souvenir when you visit the beloved tourist destinations, allowing you to pack them into your suitcase easily.
  • Magic Box

    Tied of tapping your tablet? Introducing the new Magic Box APP powered 3D puzzle. Fully constructible puzzles as always, but that’s not all, use the dedicated APP that brings you into a new world of imagination!