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CubicFun at the 115th Canton Fair 2014

Come from: CubicFun Read times: 4529 Date: 2014-04-07 15:00:22

2014 is definitely a special year for CubicFun as we choose to launch our brand new product line CubicKids. With three major new series of products revealed, we officially step into a new phase of product development strategy, which is to bring joys of 3D puzzling not just to adolescents and adults, but to young children as well.

The Wide Life Series, Happy Tours Series and the Automata Collection turned out to be successful eye-catching ideas of innovating CubicFun’s 3D puzzle range, comments from visitors indicated their positive market potentials. Meanwhile, we chose to introduce the new Cityscape Series to the markets as another key extension of our well-developed products, its lovely design attracted numbers of clients from different market segments especially the gifts and souvenirs channels.

We will continue to improve our new inventions, therefore if you did not come to our booth at 2014 Spring Canton Fair don’t worry, a reminder email will surely help.